Our Chooks

I cannot imagine a homestead without chooks.

Yes, we did plan to have chooks, many of them, different breeds if possible, but our motto is, let’s go slowly, it’s a journey not a destination. So our plan was a trio to begin with.

In preparation for their arrival chook pen n°1 was built.

We came home with a trio and an extra rooster and 6 small chooks, as a result chook pen n°2 was rapidly built.

A couple of weeks later one chook went clucky, now we have 7 baby chooks, for which chook pen n°3 was built.

Another 8 eggs are in an incubator as the other chook from the trio went clucky but then changed her mind.

In a couple of weeks my parents chooks are coming to join our bunch…. chook pen n°4 is in construction.

At this point in time, we have chooks, but no eggs, so we are

enjoying their presence, watching them grow and savour their menu of grubs, seeds and grains as they roam freely. Hopefully, in the near future we will be rewarded with eggs in abundance.