Secret to Success

Secret to success: except a grain of wheat falls into the ground and does, it cannot bring forth fruit.

Isn’t it amazing! One sunflower seed. Planted, buried. We usually bury what’s dead, except if it’s a seed. A seed is alive. It is buried alive.

This one sunflower seed produced a huge beautiful flower.

This flower, when harvested weighed 1.9 kgs.

It contained 250 grams of seeds.

I didn’t try to count how many seeds that was.

Applying this principle in our lives is a key to succeeding.

Our thoughts, emotions, anxieties, lack of self-belief, what other people think of us, stops us from letting go and achieving.

If I care too much about what others are thinking, I am focusing all my energy on not letting go. I am bound to underperform.

If I lack self-confidence, I am holding on to who I believe I am. I barely perform.

If I let go of my self-doubts and chose to follow my call, regardless of what others think, I am giving myself permission to die like that grain, so I can produce much fruit, so I can succeed.

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