Change of Lifestyle

A few years ago at an expo on rural life, we were informed that many city couples who waited until their retirement to buy a rural property with acreage regretted their decision.

Like so many of us, they romanticised of an easy, non complicated lifestyle, away from the stress of city life. Equally, like many of us, careers, family life, children took priority and their dream lifestyle was laid aside. So once these people reached their dream, they no longer had what it takes to look after and maintain their dream.

For the last 10 years or so of our lives my husband and I have desired, talked about and dreamed about moving to a country town. We have driven through so many towns and villages during our holidays and imagined living there.

Fast forward to a year ago, we finally realised it wasn’t a change from suburbia to country town we wanted, but in actually fact we desired a change of life style, a homestead with acreage. But, hadn’t we been warned that many regretted taking such a decision? Would we be part of that statistic? Were we ready to take on the workload that comes with 10 acres?

To be truthful we could not affirm any of these questions. What we knew was if we waited another ten years it would be too late for us to venture out and then we would live with regrets.

So here we are four months into this journey. We don’t need a gym membership, We have sore muscles from digging, pruning, pushing wheelbarrows, building fences, chicken coops, gardening, etc.

There is no place for boredom: garden needs to be attended to, watering, weeding, planting, harvesting. Cooking, baking, preserving excess fruits and veggies. There’s wood to be gathered, chopped and stacked for winter. All this before we even think of animals: chook pens to be built, fences to be built or fixed, feeding them, etc.

Are we happy with our decision? Absolutely!

Do we have any regrets? If I had one, it would be this: why didn’t we do it years ago.

Is it hard work? Yes it is.

Is it worth it? Without a doubt.

To anyone considering moving to a homestead, we can only give the same advice many have given us: go slow, add one thing at a time or it may be too overwhelming.

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